TradersDen24 Community comes together nightly in our exclusive members only online trade room. This is an excellent place to learn, share, and grow side-by-side with other traders just like you. The Community is committed to education while giving you real-time trade setups you can put into the night market. Some of our traders place the trade themselves while others use our trade service which allows the trades to be placed on their behalf.


But hey, don’t take our word for it. Read what our traders have said about us, and come take our online live trade room for a test run and see for yourself how TradersDen24 can finally make you a profitable trader!


First of all thank you very much for the warm welcome in the tradersden24 room. I truly am surprised about the professionalism of yours and the friendliness of people in the room. For the first time –since I started trading 5 years ago – I have realised that I am actually in a room of a true professional and feel absolutely safe and secure. I know it sounds bizarre because trading futures is always risky but I know that your advise will give me the necessary confidence in your signals. I feel truly blessed that you share all the wisdom and knowledge of your decades long experience. Thank you again for all of this.


Dr Frank, thank u for your opinion of the markets early this morning – I held over a short and went to work. Later, I closed the trade + 4 3/4 points. 11/13/2014.


If you’re sick and tired of stop runs, volume spikes, and getting run over by high frequency trades night trading the globex is for you. And Bill’s probably the leading expert in the world on what drives markets at night. Since joining TradersDen24 I’ve turned my losses into gainers and the room now features 2 expert day traders and an options expert. You can virtually trade anytime the markets are open and these guys really know their stuff! It’s a great value for the price and I highly recommend. 05.03.2015


You guys are great, honest, effective in stacking percentage positive trades and I’m in. Bill me!

This Trading the River method of trading goes against EVERYTHING I have been taught, but, EVERYTHING I have been taught hardly made me any money. I am amazed at how much I have made in the last 4 weeks since I finally understood what you are doing and applied it everyday.

Needed to thank you for this morning, I like your approach, buy the dips and go for three ticks. Sometimes the fills would be different. Anyway, I made $450 this morning with you and $100 with the BassBoat.


The best use is during the day time, but due to my work (very busy), I trade overnight session. From 6pm till 11 pm if I have a setup. And I am glad I found these guys so I am not alone trading.

I use more contracts for smaller targets, then trade on their money and set stops and go to bed earlier if I want to.

I went through the pain for a long time until I learned the footprint charts and day trading is 50/50 a lot of times. This night market has been a pleasure to deal with.

This is probably not my place but for $7 a trading night you receive entries, targets, stops, trade adjustments during trades, and the reasons for the trades. (plus the track record is green) It’s up to you how you use the info presented.

Hi Bill, As you know I’ve been with After Hours from the beginning. I have seen it evolve with constant improvements All of which have helped me improve my trading. Now you are taking the After Hours to greater heights. The expansion will benefit others across the globe as part of our trading family as well as help us continue to achieve our goals. I am very pleased to be part of the growth in this venture. Thank you for all that you do for us. I wish you the best in your success.

You have a unique gift in terms of both talent and demeanor. I consider myself most fortunate to be on board.

Good call tonight. 5 points here. 1 short @ 37.00, 1 short @ 37.50, and then one short @ 39.00. First exit @ 37.25, second @ 36.50 and third at 34.75. And I’m supposed to be on vacation…lol.

I got in short ES 1635.50 at 16:14:40 and because my granddaughter has a soccer game in 30 minutes, I decided to move my stop down to 34.25.  Out with small profit and off to cheer on my 10 year old.  2nd After Hours trade another Green!  Yeeha!!

“Hi there, First of all I want to thank you for helping make the after-hours trading with Bill a great success.  Thanks again for everything you do for the group”

“I’d like to offer a personal note of thanks, for your many efforts on behalf of the room. The individual contributions like the dome are readily identified. The overall positive attitude, light spirit and willingness to help are more subtle but at least as important to the success of the venture. You and Bill together provide a very nurturing environment that builds confidence as well as a sense of family. This is, in my opinion, an uncommon occurrence within the investment arena for which you are both to be commended. The attendant financial gain realized in the room is simply icing on the cake.”

“We ended the week with another successful advance in our trading account. The markets didn’t behave as expected, and yet the week ended positively. Such a pleasure watching my money grow, instead of retreat, as I have seen so often in my other trading ventures.”

“I am buzzin thanks to you — $700.00 just now as guided by the After Hours teacher 🙂 WOOT WOOOT”

“Awesome job in the managed accounts again, Bill! Thanks so much! I missed the trade last night. Lost internet during the night so I didn’t hear any announcements. (blessing) I woke up about 5 and shorted 55.50. I told myself I was going to stay short as long as you in the managed accounts. But the fear of lossing a winning trade got the best of me. I took profit at 53.00. So yeppy skippy I have a profit in my TDA account and an awesome profit in managed account. Way to rock’n roll – Oh Great One!”

“Sold 53.25 exit at 52.5 for .75 profit; resold one at 54, exited at 52.5 upon stop; didn’t like chart action, so had tightened. Since I trade multiple markets, mostly CL and TF; I shorted CL, TF, and NQ , but got cold feet on all and grossed $247 using one con on all.”

“When I got up this morning, I was relieved that I had taken your advice regarding stops. They served their purpose very well. Even with the early morning uptick and stop out, I still had a +$600 night. Thank you! Again, Bill, thank you so much for your instruction and for a great night of trading. I am very impressed with the earnest and caring way that you run the room and am grateful to have found a cultured pearl in this sea of weeds. I have much to learn, and I consider myself fortunate indeed to have you as a teacher.”