New Format for TradersDen24, the 24 Hour Room operation will begin July 21, 2014

TradersDen Team is preparing to begin 24 Hour trade Room Operations. Starting July 21st, the room will have active content during the US day times. Woody will bring you E-mini Scalping from the 8:00 Am Central Time Period into the beginning hour of the cash Open until 10:00 AM. Woody will bring you a totally new concept in trading futures and Day Trading Weekly SPY Options for Profit. The principle being centered around the “Money Ball” movie theme where good sound technical analysis and short, repetitive hits into the scalping of the market (singles so to speak) will drive in a few runs a day for the traders participating in the room at that time. This will continue until about 10:00 to 11:30 AM Central Time  when Bassboat will takeover the trade calls and potentially branch into other commodities beyond the indexes.

Content For the Afternoon period from 12:30 on is still being developed.