The Edge Institutional Software For The Retail Investor


You are looking for Precision Trade Entries  that will allow you to zoom in on profit rich opportunities?

Are you looking for the ultimate trading tool to guide your trading day in and out without having to worry about second guessing the market ?

Our products can be found in almost every major trading institution in the world.  At the last count we have more than 3000 professionals use one of our products.

Wednesday we would like to introduce you to a tool which has been part of the institutional product suite for years but has never been available to the private client market.

The product we have named The Edge is built to address the biggest error almost every retail trader makes when trying to trade S&P’s.

Stop Losing Money

Be ready when the tide of the market shifts

The big difference between institutional traders and retail traders is that the institutional trader looks at individual stocks, aggregates the information of individual stocks and uses the aggregated information to make a market call as to where the index will go.

The Retail Trader is different. The retail trader just looks at an index quote and makes the judgement of where the index is going.

The disadvantage the retail trader has is obvious….it is analog to buying a racecar and having no idea what type of engine is under the hood. It might look good…but you really have no idea how fast or far the car will go.

The Edge is using some of the same techniques professional traders use to outsmart the market. The Edge has Individual Stock Tracking Information That Aggregates Into One Decision Making Tool.